Monthly: Strength & Speed Running Class

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Monthly: Strength & Speed Running Class


A twice weekly class designed to improve your fitness, speed, running economy, and race times!   

Expect a variety of workouts that include hill work, short intervals designed to increase your power, longer intervals that improve your endurance and ability to run a little faster for a little longer, and everything in between.

Low key recreational group.  Workouts average 3-5 miles in length. Recommended minimum of 10-15 miles per week.

Mondays (social run) + Wednesdays (speed workout)

M+W:  6:30pm - Central Park, UWS

Class meets at 72nd st across from Webster statue inside the park.

Program renews on a monthly basis. Class includes weekly email with mileage for classes, explanation of workouts, suggested weekend mileage, and coaching tips based on questions/needs of the group.

Fees are nonrefundable.

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